Written and Illustrated by Cathryn Falwell

Lee & Low Books

ISBN 9781600608476
Hardcover, $17.95
Ages 4-8

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…a story that positively revels in family togetherness and good food.” –Kirkus Review

Splish, splash, puddle dash! 

It’s a rainy summer day, but the vegetables in Grandpa’s garden are just waiting to be picked. Yellow peppers, purple cabbage, red tomatoes, green zucchini, orange carrots, and more. So many colors! So many delicious ingredients to slice, chop, peel, and dice for a great big pot of mouthwatering Rainbow Stew.


“Vibrant multimedia collage harkens back to Falwell’s Feast for 10 (1993), this time with a homegrown feast for four in a concept book about colors rather than counting. Three African-American children visiting their grandfather are disappointed when they awaken to a rainy day, but Grandpa doesn’t keep them cooped up indoors. Instead, they all don rain gear and go outside with baskets to harvest vegetables from a backyard garden. Subsequent pages show the family gathering first green veggies, then a veritable rainbow of yellow peppers, purple cabbage heads, rosy radishes, red tomatoes, orange carrots, purple eggplants and even brown potatoes. After romping about for a bit, they go inside, dry, off and clean up, and then Grandpa and the children cook up a pot of his famous rainbow stew. The final page of the book even offers readers a recipe to try out—an enticing possibility after reading a story that positively revels in family togetherness and good food. The typeface of key words changes color as the rhyming text carries readers through the day, reflecting the theme. A treat.” -Kirkus Review

“Falwell’s familiar multimedia collages are at their best in deep cobalt, lime, and garnet in this celebration of family gardens. Awesome Grandpa not only prepares pancakes for breakfast, but also makes the most of a rainy day by gearing up his three grandchildren to harvest his veggies despite the weather, “lifting up the drippy leaves,/we see what colors grow.” The four fill their basket with kale, spinach, zucchini, radishes, and more. Luckily, Grandpa also endorses mud play, followed by thorough washing and a family preparation of Rainbow Stew. The author provides a slice of cozy family life. A lengthy recipe for the title dish appears on the final page.” –School Library Journal

“I realize many will say, there are no perfect books. I believe this to be a rare exception. I wouldn’t change a thing! The illustrations are wonderful — colorful, detailed, and meaningful. Pictures directly relate to the story being told. . . .The interaction between grandfather and children is gentle, fun and nurturing. Bravo!” -Tammy Thomasson, Librarian NetGalley review

“Falwell merrily combines a love of gardening and a willingness to get muddy… The illustrations are filled with falling rain, but also small faces turned up into it and knees plunked down into the mud…
Ripe and ready to be picked, this is a great choice for sharing aloud in spring or fall.”
–Tasha Saecker, Appleton Public Library, Appleton, WI. Waking Brain Cells blog

∆ “Full of active, rhyming text, this book just begs to be read aloud.” – Roberta Gibson, writer & scientist,

“Cathryn’s jaunty rhyming text and vibrant mixed media collages capture such joy and love in this heartwarming celebration of colors, homegrown food and family togetherness. And we all know that when kids see where their food comes from and help cook it, they enjoy it that much more.”          Jama Rattigan, Alphabet Soup

For Jama’s extensive interview of Cathryn Falwell about Rainbow Stew, check out her blog:



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