One Potato, Two Potato…



…100 pounds of potatoes! ¬†This morning I stood by the frosty window with my coffee and gazed over my garden, which is buried under more than two feet of snow. I tried to imagine what it will hopefully look like this summer when it’s bursting with green. I’m lucky to have a fairly good sized garden–actually more than I can handle most of the time. But if you are a city dweller, or simply want to make the most with an economy of space, here’s a terrific idea. Just remember to not use treated wood:

How to Grow 100 Pounds of Potatoes in 4 Square Feet. 

I’ve never tried it, but would love to hear from folks who might have grown potatoes this way!

Most kids are potato fans. Seize the opportunity to serve them with a colorful assortment of other veggies–perhaps diced and combined with the potatoes.

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