Make Magic!

It really is magic: from a tiny seed, a plant grows and makes food! Here’s an age-old simple way to show kids how the secret works. sprouting seeds

You will need:
• A clean, empty glass jar
• Some seeds: dried beans, peas or corn
• Paper toweling

Fold up a paper towel, dampen it, and press it against the inside of the jar. Now slide the seeds between the paper towel and the glass. You can fill the rest of the jar with some bunched up newspaper or more toweling.
Keep the jar out of direct sunlight, and keep the toweling damp. In a few days you will see tiny roots poke out of the seeds, and then the plant sprout will reach up toward the top of the jar. When the stems and leaves poke over the edge, move the jar to a sunny window. Keep the toweling damp, and watch the plants grow!  seed packet to make

Give children a few seeds to try this at home. Here’s a seed packet template for them to cut, decorate, and glue together. Perfect for transporting their seeds! Print out the directions above to send along, too.  Let us know if you try this–we’d love to see photos!

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