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Science in the garden!

Science in the garden!

Roberta Gibson, a scientist and a writer, reviews children’s books in her blog, Wrapped in Foil: “Finding a great children’s book is like unwrapping a perfect sweet.” In her review of Rainbow Stewshe writes about the benefits of gardening with children:

“…Although it may be still chilly in some regions, the bright and cheerful new picture book Rainbow Stew by Cathryn Falwell will make you want to get out and garden with your children right now!…As shown in the book, gardening is a wonderful activity to share with children. It is beneficial in so many ways, from a fun way to exercise, to learning where our food comes from, to encouraging children to eat more vegetables…It turns out that growing plants in a garden opens up a whole world of opportunities to learn about science, technology, engineering and math. For example, use math to figure out the area of the garden, how many packets of seeds will be needed per row, how much the garden tools cost, etc. For older children, the Exploratorium has a cool website about the science of gardening.”

Click on this page, and then enjoy the interactive window under “garden variety” that has lots of information about seeds and cultivation history. Then explore the rest of this very interesting site!
For a short film about a an amazing woman in San Francisco, Annette Young Smith, who gathered her neighbors to transform a littered median strip into a lush neighborhood garden, click here, and then click on “any little patch of dirt.” Enjoy!


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